Here at Redtape, we are dedicated to bringing rawness, vibe, creativity, and imperfections to the world of instrument sample libraries.

The process is simple: we record each key with up to 14 layers: 9 velocities and 5 key release layers through the most pure recording chain (usually straight to Apogee converters). Each key is then exported as a full length WAV file, and mapped to be triggered from your keyboard in it’s completely raw and unprocessed state.

Creating instruments built of 500-1000 unprocessed files allows us to bypass the pitfalls of other sample libraries: artificial velocity mapping (gain reduction), recording short files and stretching the resonance to create sustain, simulating key release with resonance, stretching one file over several keys, etc.

Each download comes with support for both Logic and Kontakt, and for both Mac/PC. If you use Logic, also included are several effects presets designed for each instrument. Installation is simple and takes only a few minutes.

Redtape Samples lives in Nashville, the capitol of Tennessee and “Music City” USA. We have some of the greatest studios and recording equipment at our fingertips, so we’re working on some new samples to release before the end of the year. Thanks for visiting and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



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