What do I need?

- any version of Logic, Kontakt*, or Garageband
- a MIDI controller

*NOTE: The samples work perfectly on any full version of Kontakt, but NOT with the free Kontakt 4/5 “Player”.

Do they work for PC?

Yes, Kontakt works on both Macs and PCs (Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton Live, etc.)

Will I experience latency?

So far, no one has reported any latency issues. 2GB of RAM should be more than enough.

How large are the downloads/libraries?


Eighty Eight (99.7 MB)
Retro Wurli (96.5 MB)
Both (193.5 MB)

After installation:

Eighty Eight (727.2 MB)
Retro Wurli (238.8 MB)

How are these samples different/better than…?

Most factory samples in software/keyboards are made up of only a few short, heavily-processed files.  We recorded each key at about 6-9 velocities with about 4 layers of key release, resulting in 500-1000 full-length WAV files.  Each file is then exported in it’s raw and unprocessed form, and carefully mapped one at a time in a sampler. We essentially make it a rule to use enough wav files to not have to rely on any “articificial” post-processing (simulating sustain with resonance, simulating velocity with gain reduction, stretching wav files over several keys, etc). 

How much do they cost?

Retro Wurli and Eighty Eight are only $40 a piece, or $75 for both.

Where do I buy them?

Go to the “Download” page, where you will find the PayPal store. After payment, you will get a download link.

I live in Canada/Europe/Japan…can I buy these?

Yes. As long as you can pay through PayPal, you will get a download link.

Can I use a credit card?

Yes. PayPal accepts all major credit cards.

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