“This Rhodes is fabulous! Kudos to RedTape Samples for the hard work and dedication to make such an amazing VST at an amazing price. I have several other Rhodes plug-ins and this by far is my favorite. I love the grit and dirt that you guys got out of your sampled Rhodes. Some plug-ins have either too much bell-tone or too much low end but this one is great! Thanks again!”
Dre King (Raheem Devaughn, Wale, Kindred the Family Soul, Sy Smith)

“Bloody hell just played the rhodes, they sound fantastic, going to be using those in my soul jingles for my university project, and my deep house productions, best 25 quid I’ve spent.”
Troy Hardwicke

“I’m lucky enough to have a real Wurli 200A and a Mark II Suitcase and Redtape has really captured the elusive vibe that most sampled instruments don’t have! The Wurli is KILLER…The overtones ring out in a very musical way. $40 is the best deal out there!”
Kevin Afflack (Cary Pierce)

“All the details you need for a Rhodes and Wurli on a flash drive. Warm and pure and with a little dirt on it!”
Marcus Finnie (Lady Antebellum, Kirk Whalum, Donna Summer, India Arie)

“I’m very impressed. Great work capturing those illusive idiosyncrasies!”
Hector H. Perez (Music Orange)

“I was close to buying a friend’s Rhodes a week ago but I think I’ll be using this now. Sounds raw, punchy and warm without being muddy. It has a dynamic sound other Rhodes samples or simulators don’t have. Looking forward to what you come up with next.”
Paul O’Brien

“No brainer deal for $40!”
Steve Fawcett

“My first gigs as a jazz pianist were on a Fender Rhodes. I’ve always loved the sound ever since I heard Herbie Hancock’s albums from the 70’s. Since getting rid of my Rhodes in the early 90’s, I’ve tried many other samples and software instruments in search of a reasonable substitute . Luckily, I stumbled onto the Redtape samples site. They really captured the sound of the Rhodes. It’s the closest I’ve heard yet. The Wurlie is really fantastic as well. And the price made it the perfect Christmas gift to myself!”
George Colligan (Jack DeJohnette, Cassandra Wilson, Christian McBride, Juliard Faculty Member)

“This is one of the most authentic Wurli samples that I have in my collection. Truly remarkable, especially for the price.”
Mason Embry
(Julie Roberts, Chris Young, Mandisa)

“Just bought it! Fantastic samples..thanks!”
Alejandro Marti

“Just purchased. I dodged the NI and other samples. I didn’t hear a reason to purchase those when I have rhodes and wurli samples already in Logic. These, on the other hand, are definitely special. They capture the vibe and not just the sound of these instruments. They have a different attitude than what’s already in Logic…I spent a little time with them and found myself inspired to compose! Two thumbs waaaay up! They are raw, real, and soulful. Love it.”
Sugar Hill Studios

“What I liked most about the Redtape 88 is that, unlike some sterile sample libraries, this library was made with a true-to-life approach, embracing the personality and vibe that a “real” vintage keyboard has – and that is what I always seek out for my records.”
Adam Pallin
Producer/programmer, Little Jackie, Melinda Doolittle

“I’ve been using both the Wurli and Rhodes samples for some time now, and I find myself coming back to them for just about every recording I do, even more than the Rhodes I own! For the first time in my experience with samples, I have access to these classic keyboards without having to sacrifice any aspect of the source material. Plus the fact that they are raw and unprocessed allows me to work with it in the mix however I wish. Well done!”
Steve Pardo
Composer/Sound Designer, Harmonix Music Systems

“Very vibey, both! Thanks a lot!!”

“In this age of vast sample libraries and cheaper than ever storage solutions I think the one thing that’s still missing from 99% of samples is character. I’m delighted that the Redtape Wurlitzer and Rhodes samples fall firmly into that remaining 1%. Oodles of vibe and warmth that spark creativity like no other. I’ll be using both of these on an upcoming Saturday night show for the BBC. Congratulations RedTape and a thousand thank-yous. Anyone want to buy my 88?”
Tom Jenkins
London, England

“Very real feeling and sounding, just what i like!”
Dan Goldman aka JD73

“This feels (and sounds) like you’re playing your very own Rhodes, not a pristine ‘recording’ of one. The Wurli is the best plug-in version I’ve played, and I own the real thing. Pure, and deep in detail, both go extremely well with amp simulation and effect plug-ins. Well done Redtape! These are very satisfying samples that will keep my ears engaged.”
Christopher Guardino

“Nothing sparks my creativity more than working with an instrument that provides a good, warm, and convincing sound. I often use software synthesizers/samplers but usually have to spend hours trying to make them sound decent. This process can be counterproductive and sometimes even kill your creativity entirely. I’ve come across very few software samples that instantly provide a great sound, and I would definitely put Redtape in that rare category. The Rhodes and Wurlitzer are extremly realistic and ultra simple to use, never getting in the way of my creative process. And for the money, it’s a no-brainer deal…highly recommended.”
Pavel Rivera
Producer/Engineer, Twintapes

“Expressiveness on a virtual ePiano is all about authenticity and warmness of true samples. Jon’s ePianos sound very good not only because they’re sample based, but because they make use of quality samples. You can feel that a lot of precautions were taken to record the samples and retain all the character of the original instruments. Don’t waste your time with all the lifeless and synthetic-sounding emulations available out there. If you need the classic electromechanical keyboard sound for your mixes, real samples is definitely the way to go and you won’t be disappointed with Redtape’s !”
Antoine Boisvert
Montreal (QC), Canada

“The samples sound great, even when I’m playing my Scarbee and Rhodes already fired up in front of me for comparison. That’s serious praise for the price!”

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